The Every Shelter Team

Sam Brisendine.JPG

Co-Founder and CPO

Sam Brisendine

Houston, Texas

Nicole Iman.JPG

Co-Founder and Director of Communications

Nicole Iman

Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

Stefanie Cortez.JPG

Communications Specialist

Stefanie Cortez

Dallas, Texas

Jerry Mak.JPG

Board Member

Jerry Mak

Houston, Texas

Amy Moen.JPG

Board Member

Amy Moen

Houston, Texas

Katie Chung.jpg

Business Development Analyst

Katie Chung

Houston, Texas

Juhi Parikh.jpg

Corporate Research and Design Associate

Juhi Parikh

Dallas, Texas

Scott Key.JPG

Co-Founder and CEO

Scott Key

Houston, Texas

Julia Wallin.JPG

Co-Founder and COO

Julia Wallin

Anywhere, Everywhere

Lauren Hanson.JPG

Development Officer

Lauren Hanson

Houston, Texas

Shane Allbritton.JPG

Board Member

Shane Allbritton

Houston, Texas

Joe Meppelink.JPG

Board Member

Joe Meppelink

Houston, Texas

Judy Nyquist.JPG

Board Member

Judy Nyquist

Houston, Texas

Rahul Kadam.jpg

Supply Chain Associate

Rahul Kadam

Houston, Texas

Johnathan Fugitt.jpg

Summer Associate

Johnathan Fugitt

New York, New York



Every Shelter utilizes the power of design to help displaced communities advance from surviving to thriving.

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